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Breakout electro-pop songstress Hanne Mjøen releases food for thought song

Today,  Norwegian electro-pop songstress Hanne Mjøen has released her latest single ‘Hell With You’ which explores toxic relationships that you find hard to leave because you fear change. This singer puts weighted lyrics to the forefront of this Physical Presents release, but dazzles them with her honeycomb voice & intricate electro-pop embellishments that always leave a sparkle behind.

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Receiving much acclaim for her breakout hit ‘Sounds Good To Me’, the singer has decided to cut from the mainstream appeal and produce music that challenges her creativity. Not only a singer by profession, the songbird also writes lyrics and has done so for the likes of renowned music producers like R3HAB. Hanne has cited that she finds inspiration and comfort in the work of ever-changing producers like Flume, Robyn, and Lorde. We have no doubts whatever she has up her sleeve next will be just as delightful and engaging as ‘Hell With You’.

Hanne Mjøen shares her thoughts about the new single “I created ‘Hell With You’ to describe falling out of love while being in a relationship. You want to leave knowing this isn’t “it” for you, but you’re scared of being alone, and not ready to give it up. I think we’ve all been there, knowing it’s wrong and unfair to the other person, you still want to live the lie a little longer. You end up liking how it looks even when it’s hopeless, and not knowing what to do, because you don’t even know if you’ll be able to fall in love again.”

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