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Musician Jon Doe shares relatable indie-rock lyrics in debut music video

Musician Jon Doe leaves us gleaming with delight after watching his debut music video ‘In My Dreams’, which follows a cute montage of Jon Doe soaking up the sunshine freely with his lover. Although masked with paint and dressed up in James Dean-Esque attire, we cannot help but see the artists’ soft side throughout the video. Jon Doe has mentioned that he would like to incorporate detailed storylines into his music, we are sure that this lonewolf look he has been fronting since the release of the single has more meanings than we are able to decode right now. 

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In an interview with Indie Music, we discovered Jon Doe is just as thoughtful and delightful as his creative mind:… “ I would say that I am definitely a little more reserved outside of my music. However, I have always found myself to be a bit of a contradiction. The outgoing, loud, and confident extrovert to the reserved, thoughtful, and methodical stoic introvert. Those two sides of my personality make up the whole of my identity. But I find that when I create music, it allows me to say what I want to say in person but sometimes I find it difficult to. Whether it’s a feeling I’d rather not admit to myself or someone else or a thought/scenario that has been on my mind,  creating music allows for me to be truly honest in an unfiltered way it is what made me fall in love with it.”

Reading Jon Doe’s words alone we have no doubts that this artist is a complex and sensitive soul that has a lot to express and create. What a refreshing feeling to see that there are young artists like Jon Doe breaking away from the expectations of what indie rock should sound like. He shares his personal insecurities and in turn, normalizes these daily occurrences making one feel less alone. 

Jon Doe  was previously featured on Raudio when he first released the single.

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