ena mori, Tori Amos, The Weeknd, Grimes and Bjork
ena mori, Tori Amos, The Weeknd, Grimes and Bjork

Explorative singer ena mori releases ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’

Image Credit: Telle Ramos

Playing catch in the left-field, pop royal ena mori releases her buoyant single ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’ via Offshore Music Ph. Her willingness to venture into new territory is what makes this track such a thrilling ride. Hold on tight.

Stream / Download: ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’

In an interview with us, she touched on her willingness to take risks (read the interview here), telling us: “I think pursuing music is the boldest thing I have ever done. I could’ve chosen a different path at any time. With all the consequences involved, pursuing music is the riskiest decision I have made in my life.”

‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’ features on  POP_GROUND.fm

ena mori is her own ruler and her sound reflects this. She welcomes listeners to her kingdom of colourful creativity. The studio is her palace and the writing chair is her throne. With a free-spirited writing style,  she is comfortable taking pop and turning it on its head. Who knows, perhaps upside down is the right way around after all?

Her voice is her most distinctive feature. It is a signature blend of playful pop and wild electronic.  Controlled changes in pitch create personality while effortless lyrics exude confidence. This is ena mori; hear her roar!

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