Jaguar Sun_Husbands Youth Lagoon, Blake Rose, and Of Monsters and Men
Jaguar Sun_Husbands Youth Lagoon, Blake Rose, and Of Monsters and Men

Jaguar Sun and Husbands collaborate on thought-provoking single

Image credit: Chris Minielly and Aldo Dera

Musicians Jaguar Sun and Husbands dropped a new single on the 9th of September via Born Losers Records. ‘First Time Caller’ is first the collaboration between the two. Jaguar Sun’s music has previously aired on NPR and SiriusXMU Radio, while Husbands’ single ‘Must Be Cop’ was added to a few key indie-specific Spotify editorial playlists. 

Oklahoma-based pair Husband, comprised of Danny Davis and Wil Norton, and Jaguar Sun, hailing from Canada, said: “‘First Time Caller’ is a song about being in a different emotional place than someone close to you who is going through a hard time and trying to bridge the gap and express an understanding, despite a feeling of growing distance’. 

Stream / Download: ‘First Time Caller’

Deep lyrics delineate the pulsating emotionally rich sound. Every lyric paints a world that aims to bring hope to all listeners that are plagued by undesirous situations. Guitar strings taint the beat until the end of the track. The brilliant vocals are elegantly propelled into an altar of mastered notes. Jaguar Sun and Husbands have truly produced a sensational track.

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