Russell Louder reimagines dialogue with latest single

Image credit: Bobby Leóne

Multi-talented musician Russell Louder shared their latest single ‘Come Around’ on the 16th of September via Lisbon Lux Records. The Montreal-based artist is a performer, songwriter and singer who graced a finalist spot in the CBC Music‘s 2019 Searchlight competition.

It has been said that effective communication is a tussle of mindset and ‘Come Around’ captures that essence in the lyrics, the vocals and the sound. The track is drowned in pulsating and rushing beats that stand as a witness to the message of the song. The track starts with hard and imposing guitar strings and then progresses to the inclusion of the vocals and other instruments mirroring the progression of an assertive argument. The violin towards the end of the track adds an element of drama and invokes the understanding that the entire song is also a sweet plea.  

Stream / Download: ‘Come Around’

Russell relays the songwriting rationale for the new single with these words: “Come Around is a pop sharp-tongued symphonic play-by-play of a duplicitous figure in my life reeling me into their web of deceit. Instead of analyzing my experience, I used the writing of the song as a space for imagining what the other could have been thinking or strategizing”.

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