KID BE KID, H.E.R, Frank Ocean, Jacob Collier, DOMi & JD BECK
KID BE KID, H.E.R, Frank Ocean, Jacob Collier, DOMi & JD BECK

KID BE KID conveys message in fun new song

Image credit: KID BE KID

Record label Fun In The Church’s roster artist KID BE KID knows how to be herself. The German musician has shared her views on technology in an elegant way: she has released a Jazzy number titled ‘News Feed’, the second song shared from her new album, Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream, which fans can expect on the 9th of June.

Stream / Download: KID BE KID – ‘News Feed’

Unlike most songs with messages, this one is playful. KID BE KID has managed the feat of writing a lyrically-conceptual song with it coming off as preachy. Rather, she pulls listeners in with a good feeling and a fun attitude. The bassline and keys establish a strong backbeat, while KID BE KID jams over the molten riffs. The groove isn’t too swung nor too stiff, but just right. 

The whole deal is pretty interesting. It is as if she is saying “quit scrolling and listen to this…” On top of this, she has shared an awesome video, which you can watch below.

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