Marianna Winter
Marianna Winter

Marianna Winter reinterprets recently released song in live studio performance

Image credit: Dania O. Tausen

Dressed in a pale jumpsuit, a young singer taps in a four-count, introducing a warm electric piano and Jazzy guitar chords. A red logo marks the wall, and a grand piano stands with its lid open in the background, setting the scene for today’s show. That is, Faroese American singer Marianna Winter has delivered a live studio performance of her recently released single ‘Consequences’, adding a new spin to the track, which we featured.

Stream / Download: Marianna Winter – ‘Consequences’

Recorded at Studio Bloch in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, the video shows Marianna’s ability to deliver her song live without the need for so much as a backtrack – a rare talent these days. Keys hum, strings ring out, and Marianna’s voice cuts through the mix for this attitude-riddled record. 

Speaking on the track, she said: “I don’t usually go around thinking about stealing puppies or ruining anybody’s life, but that deepest, darkest part of me, rooted in jealousy and feeling small, is always there, lurking. She’s in every relationship, she’s at every party with me, and she’s got a mind of her own. It’s a part of me that I’m deeply ashamed of, but I’ve realized shaming her doesn’t make her go away, so why not embrace her? A little…‘Consequences’ is her song, her moment to shine. Crazy or not, she’s me and I am her.”

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