YME unleashes an anthem to vulnerability, ‘Come Closer’

On January 12, 2024, the emerging independent Dutch pop artist YME (Ymke de Bijl) unveiled a captivating new single titled ‘Come Closer.’ Ymkje, the daughter of Esther de Bijl (E-Starr), recognized as the female vocalist from the 80s hit group Ottawan with chart-toppers like ‘D.I.S.C.O.’ and ‘Hands Up,’ collaborates with producers Jean Kluger and Daniel Banghalter. Incidentally, Daniel Banghalter’s son is Thomas Banghalter of Daft Punk. YME, who serves as both songwriter and producer alongside Marco Roosink, draws inspiration from her personal experiences, including her encounters with autism and bullying during her elementary school years.

Influenced by renowned artists such as Disclosure, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Martin Garrix, and Avicii, YME has skillfully crafted a distinct sound marked by exceptional vocal presence and a blend of energetic and serene vibes. ‘Come Closer’ is a euphoric and romantic club anthem, reflecting YME’s unique style firmly rooted in the electronic and pop genres. Boasting a BPM of 122, subtle tempo and energy variations, flawless production, and lyrics delving into vulnerability, the song stands as an anthem of reassurance for any young person hesitant about experiencing love once again.

YME hopes her listeners who might struggle with mental health can find solace in her music, urging them to “[b]e brave and don’t let your disorder hold you down.”  

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