NICOLAAS Takes You Back to Studio 54 with No Stranger Thing (Louis La Roche Remix)

After the successful release of ‘No Stranger Thing Ft. Lucy Mason’, as well as a remix by Pages, Canadian recording artist and producer NICOLAAS, releases a new remix of the song by Louis La Roche on 26 April via Haven Sounds.

The ‘No Stranger Thing Ft. Lucy Mason’ remix by Louis La Roche comes right out the gate with what can only be described as feel-good energy. Staying true to its bassline, the song, however, takes an even further step back in time than the 80s synth sound of the original song. The remix smells of late 70s bell bottoms and Studio 54 glitter extravaganza.  

When speaking about the ‘No Stranger Thing’ remix, NICOLAAS said, “Louis La Roche is an incredibly talented and versatile musician, and he was my first choice when I started thinking of producers to reach out to for a remix of this track. I just knew he’d deliver something dynamic and dope, and he really did! I couldn’t be happier with how this one’s come together.”
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