Duo Trrmà release afrofuturism song ‘Shishapangma’

Trrmà are soon to release their upcoming album The Earth’s Relief(1 May 2020), but in the meantime, you can listen to their latest single ‘Shishapangma’ on major streaming platforms. The duo has been featured in popular Italian publications like Son Of Marketing, Rockerilla and Blow Up. Members include Giovanni Todisco (drums and percussions) and Giuseppe Candiano (Synthesizers). They have toured in Japan with acts Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Koichi Makigami (Tzadik record), and Doravideo. Giovanni has done work for the Italian punk pair Alos, touring at L’homme a deux oreilles and Time Zones Festival.

Shishapangma’ on Spotify –Apple Music

The duo are based in Italy, and both have formal music training. Giovanni is a music teacher for drums and percussions at a number of schools in Italy, and has graduated from Monopoli Conservatory specializing in “Classical Percussions”. His other half Giuseppe completed Jazz guitar and trumpet studies, however he taught himself how to operate a synthesizer. Their sound would be considered as Afrofuturism, and would make sense as they take inspiration from one of the earliest Afrofuturism bands SUN RA. They subdue their sound by referencing the classical works of IANNIS XENAKIS.

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Speaking on the album, Trrmà tells us, “The Earth’s relief is is dedicated to unreachable peaks, at the same time it represents the desire to challenge the highest goals, a metaphor for the research behind our music with which we always try to surprise ourselves.”

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