Singer Emma Danelon releases new song ‘What I Want’

Following the release of her emotive single “No More”, London based art-pop artist Emma Danelon returns with her slick new cut “What I Want”.

Sprinkled with sunshine melodies and powerful pop rhythms, “What I Want” reflects on lived experiences to curate a deeply personal narrative. Finding inspiration from pop powerhouses including Dua Lipa and BANKS as well as the glitchy rhythms of Daft Punk, Emma’s soundscape is wonderfully eclectic.

“This song is inspired by someone I care about and the sound perfectly captures how London has influenced my sound. The people I met in this city have had a huge impact on my musical direction and what I want to achieve” she explains.

Born in Italy, Emma is now based in London, engineering a musical refuge within the walls of the concrete monolith. Launching her debut single in 2018, the young artist has been working independently for the past 12 months, using her creative freedom to curate rich melodies and daring pop production.

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