Soulitaire {New Breed}

Soulitaire is the new moniker of Martin Rotheneder, and his project is the sum of all the experiences he has had in the past. And there’s plenty to draw from, since his upcoming album I Believe In Rainbows will be the tenth release with his own music in both solo and collaborative projects since 2004. Even though he managed to make a name for himself in Austria’s music scene, he decided to start from scratch again in 2015, tear everything down to get to the core of his music with Soulitaire.

The latest single from the album ‘New Breed’ is reminiscent of Indigo Children, and Rotheneder touches on the idea that a “new breed” of people will shape our world for the better.

Soulitaire says about New Breed’s backstory: “The song is about hope. A look through all the anxiety and desperation right into a time when those deliberate and warm hearted people that are young adults today will become the next architects of our world. They will look back to learn and look forward to building upon those experiences. And then there will again be hard times to struggle with and again someone will be there to learn to make it better. Because that’s how life is: Waves. Quite beautiful actually, if you watch them from a distance.”

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