Rising dark pop sensation I’MMORTAL shares a sizzling third single, ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’

Alt-pop powerhouse I’MMORTAL unleashed her third single, ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’, under her own label, Immortality. Based in New York and London, I’MMORTAL is a multifaceted artist, spanning music production, vocals, visual art, and creative direction. Her digital journey began in August 2023 with the tech-house track ‘Versace Spaceship’, followed by the electropop hit ‘Supervillain’ in October, earning acclaim from CLASH Magazine and Earmilk. Despite her newcomer status, I’MMORTAL has seen a steady rise in streams, monthly listeners, and organic playlist placements, with her first two singles amassing 50K streams collectively across platforms.

Produced by I’MMORTAL herself with additional work from Danis Zhang and Duanna on drum programming, ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’ was mixed and mastered by Mikaelin “Blue” Bluespruce, known for his work with artists like Solange and Carly Rae Jepsen. Departing from her earlier playful style, the track delves into themes of revenge, grief, and renewal. It opens with brooding tones, featuring a catchy hook, trap drums, and cinematic pop strings. The sound evolves into a darker, more ethereal dreamscape, with hypnotic synths and I’MMORTAL’s haunting vocals.

I’MMORTAL shared:‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’ is ultimately a song about rebirth. During the two years that I spent working on the track, rebirth was a massive theme in my life both personally and artistically, and I wanted the track to reflect that sonically. My intention was for the song itself to sound like it was dying and being reborn, so I added an eerie BPM and key change half way through to create the feeling of a snake slithering out of its own skin. I also wanted the song to feel timeless, so a lot of the classical elements of the song such as the opera vocal sample and the violins were processed through effects often used in electronic music.” 



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